Mama & Kie go Clean n Green: Let’s Do This Thang


It’s here!

For a very long time I’ve wanted to ditch the junk in my space and only use products that are good for me and my family. Between my allergies (food and environmental… more on that later), my distrust for big business, and my inner hippie, I really wanted to stop using the Tide, Cascade, Palmolive, Scrubbing Bubbles… you name it. I learned a long time ago why I despised cleaning (well… maybe part of why). The products I use make me feel physically ill. Yuck.

And then I learned about Johnson & Johnson. The “No More Tears” being caused by a chemical to prevent the tear ducts from tearing…The known carcinogens in their baby powder…All I can say is I felt awful for putting Kie through that for his first year of life. But what’s a Mama to do?


Expert at unpacking things… at least this is something we NEED unpacked!

I stumbled upon the wellness company I am partnered with by accident. I was looking for part-time employment while I waited for my full registration as an RN and I found a at-home career that gave me access to MY DREAM PRODUCTS! Dwayne thinks it’s scammy, but he just doesn’t realize the difference using eco-friendly, non-toxic products in our home will make. Not to mention, I’m spending FAR less on these than the “green” grocery store alternatives.



Anyways… Follow along while Kie and I discover how each of the products work in our home. Our first delivery is here!!!


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