We’re a little bit hip-hop and folk… but live a country song.

We are a family of four. Three humans and a dog. We are young and learning as we go, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot of our own wisdom. Everything people assume when they look at us usually isn’t correct. Using musical genres, we appear to be hip-hop, have the heart of folk, and live a country song.

I’m the Mama. My name is Emily, I’m 22, a new Registered Nurse graduate (waiting for my big CRNE to write!), a mental illness advocate, an entrepreneur, and the Commanding Officer of our home. My goal with this blog is to share how we make our crazy life work and to share Kie’s life with our loved ones far far away.


D, Mama, Mafia & Kie



Stay tuned for more about my family. 


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