Mama & Kie go Clean n Green: Washing Laundry

Today was supposed to be wax melts. And then I woke up.

My son had removed his diaper and peed on my chest. He then proceeded to fart on the sheets. Oh the joys.


So, instead of wax melts what better time to try out all if my laundry goodies? I also had an icky shirt that I hadn’t attacked yet.


Just to see how magical their detergent and brightener was I decided to just toss the messy things in with other laundry and see how they came out. Like with the dishwasher, I did the most simple wash I could. No bells and whistles – not even an extra rinse (no chlorine bleach means no extra rinse cycle or brightest whites cycle again!)


Like with the dishwasher, I’m sold already. This stuff got poop and spaghetti sauce out of my laundry without soaking, pre treating, scrubbing, or bleaching. And saved me a rinse! I’m pumped. There’s a faint spot left on Kie’s shirt – testing the pre-soak treatment next.

Stayed tuned, we will return.


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